Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bungie Announces Halo 3 Beta Date

You read that right, Eric. Bungie has announced that May 16th is the day to start testing the Halo 3 beta. It will include 3 maps, Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound in matchmaking only. Other features include:
  • Enhanced Online Functionality
  • New Class of Weapons, Grenades, and Vehicles
  • It Will Include the X-Button Functionality
  • A Lot of Secret Features
There is also a new docuvideo that apparently shows what the x-button does. I'll post an edit to this once I see it. Enjoy.

Edit: I watched the video and it appears that the X-button will either activate the bubble shield, which by the way looks too big for the MC to be carrying, or a new exploding device called the trip mind. Basically you drop a bomb on the ground that if someone walks or drives on it goes boom. They demonstrated it as a way to prevent people from running players over. No Elite skins were used at all in the video.

Oh, by the way, Charlie's birthday is like May 15th or 16th, so keep that in mind when you're thinking of the Halo 3 beta date.


E-goD said...

The "x" button should make you put your hands in front of your face, so that if someone stops shooting at you to punch you, you can block it, and then blast them with another weapon. Also, another work around for the stupid getting punched to death, would be to have something like the shotgun both drop the person's shield and kill them with one shot if they get real close. But I have some concept of not being an idiot, not like the people that work at Bungie, whose work is a little up and down at best. Zing.

Jester013 said...

But an Italian plumber jumping on the heads of monsters to kill them is okay with you...