Sunday, April 22, 2007

XYBA Podcast Ep06

With Andy and Josh spitting fire on the mics, the XYBA Podcast episode 6 is off the hook with video game news and our on par gaming opinions. This is mainly a Xbox 360 podcast with 2 Andys and sweet chickens.

  • 0:00 Slammin Intro Music by Grant
  • 0:44 Games We Are Playing - Guitar Hero 2, LOTR, Halo 2, New Super Mario Bros, Splinter Cell 4, and a handful of demos from XBL (Josh doesn't really understand what Andy's talking about with the Command and Conquer videos)
  • 5:29 Video Game News - RvB, Xbox 360 axis controller, Xbox not making money, Halo 2 Vista achievements, Halo 3 beta dates, Guitar Hero 3, Virginia Tech shootings and more
  • 26:25 Xbox 360 made of paper
  • 27:40 Master Chief vs Samus
  • 29:25 Roundtable Discussion about downloadable content and how it's changing games and the longevity of a game
  • 39:56 Games and gaming devices we are looking forward to
  • 48:09 Ranting zone with Josh making the Ranting Zone music - Andy acts the fool about exclusive games and franchises
  • 58:45 Two Andys in the studio
  • 58:58 Shout outs and talks about houses and hoods

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