Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Commodore Gaming Webshop Open

Want to buy a Commodore? Now you can. The Commodore Gaming site is open with a selection of PCs to play games on. Get yours with some cool c-skin raindrops or strawberries.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! That's an Amiga 500. I think 500 anyway...it's been a while. This was my first "PC" which caused my addiction to gaming. At the time the Amiga had superior graphics and sound...frog-stomping all other competition (Atari's PC game around a touch later and created a rig that would match Amiga)

Look at the monitor on the screenshot...that's Psygnosis...the best Commodore gaming company (matching Sierra at the time in my opinion). Psygnosis made "Shadow of the Beast" by far my favorite platformer.

It's funny how Amiga still has a huge cultish following. You can find those freaky Amiga users here: http://www.amigaworld.net/

Some cool Amiga games:

*Shadow of the Beast (I & II)
*Defender of the Crown
*All early Sierra adventure titles
*F15 (something or other)

g7g | Rabid Beta
(aka. eXistenZ)