Monday, April 2, 2007

Guitar Hero Has Competition

Looks like Harmonix, EA, and MTV are teaming up to bring the ultimate band playing experience to the 360 and PS3 (sorry Wii owners). The idea is to take SingStar (Jeff's Favorite) and Guitar Hero and throw in a drum kit to form a band. Some highlights:
  • Real Band - No Covers
  • Online Bands - Each member can be in other countries
  • New Songs - Artists will release new songs on the game
  • EA - Easy Achievement points
The title is Rock Band, which leaves me to believe that you can't have any other band, but one that rocks. Sounds like fun. Should you hold off on getting Guitar Hero then? No because chicks dig a room full of guitars. Just get a guitar stand to hold all your gear now.


Thunderpudd said...

OMG! I hope they get some rockin' Neil Diamond tracks. That guys tunes have been proven to make girls moist in their nether regions. They should have an online spectator mode to view other peoples "concerts"

E-goD said...

This game is almost definitely coming to the Wii also. During a conference call, the guy who runs the company said he thinks they will do a wii version. It probably just won't come out at the same time, but will be better.

E-goD said...

Here's a link for my last comment...

aplusj said...

Why will it be better? They have to downgrade it for the Wii. Why would you want to use the Wii-mote instead of the guitar?!