Monday, April 9, 2007

So Annex Will Go Live Today is showing that the Gears of War Annex update will go live today at 4pm PST. Make up your mind Microsoft. More Gears of War news: 4 new maps will come out that will be pay to play at first, but if you hold out for a couple of months they'll become free to the masses. Boo yaka.


Jester013 said...

Not only will it add Annex, but it will change some other things:

* Assasination - In Assasination, the leader no longer has to unlock weapons and the leader must be executed to die

* Boomshot - Does more splash damage, downing people more often

* Hammer of Dawn - "More forgiving of moving targets"

* Roadie Run - You'll stick less to stuff when running

* Death Message - You can see the death kicker when you're down but not dead

* Exploits - Some exploits have been fixed

And for Annex: kills in Annex don't count for kill achievements because of the respawn.

aplusj said...

* Roadie Run - You'll stick less to stuff when running

Do you mean you'll stick more to walls? I was sticking more to walls than ever. On 1up they said the Lancer was supposed to be more powerful and it feels less powerful. Lot of problems playing it last night.