Monday, April 30, 2007

Crackdown DLC

Charlie SmellsTeam Xbox has a screenshot of some of the new downloadable content for Crackdown. Looks like a new car. Is this a new game type? Is it more than a new vehicle? Will this content be coming out too soon?


Jester013 said...

Yeah, I saw this picture a while back. I didn't post about it because honestly, the picture looks a little fake to me.

However, the rumors say that there will actually be two sets of downloadable content. One will be free and one will cost money. Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Who plays Counter-Strike anymore? You guys are doing gaming news on a podcast, and you actually said, "Who plays CS anymore?" lol. Oh man, insert foot in mouth.

CS and CS:S are both STILL in the TOP TEN online multiplyer games played worldwide. Source consistently holds itself in the top five--I've taken these stats from years of Xfire play--not to mention I've been playing FPShooters since '94.

Source and 1.6 are STILL the most responsive and smooth FPS on the market...that's why the best of the best still play it.

This is my first time listening to the podcast...I like the majority of what I hear...but try not to say something so ignorant and shameful again...

I mean this with all good intention.

lol. :)

g7g | Rabid Beta
(aka. eXistenZ)