Monday, April 9, 2007

Get Your Hands Around This Thing

This isn't Photoshopped. This is for real. With the new Xbox Live updates coming in early May, the Xbox team has created an Xbox 360 controller with a keyboard built in. Why? The May dashboard update includes the ability to use Windows Live Messenger. So now while your playing games you can IM your friends who are surfing the web and they can IM you as well.

You could get a USB keyboard to do this as well, but who doesn't like typing with their thumbs. Users with Blackberry experience will have the upper hand on these things. I think I will get one so when Halo 3 comes out and Eric comes over to play I can hear him bitch about how stupid the Xbox controllers are. This time I'll agree with him.

Other features coming to the update:
  • Achievement Descriptions - So no more going to the other screen to view the achievement you just got
  • Marketplace Has its Own Blade
  • Arcade Update - Allows easier viewing and joining of the XLA games your friends are playing
  • Auto Shutdown for Auto Downloads - Great for people who worry about the 360 being on all night
  • Faster Access to Free Downloads

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