Sunday, February 25, 2007

XYBA Podcast Ep 03

Here is XYBA Podcast 03, where we are joined by Jeff and Bryan. We change the format a little to give some room for some Crackdown talk. This is the longest podcast so far clocking in at one hour and 23 minutes. Here is the breakdown.

0:00 - Open and Intros (Johnny Cash)
0:01 - Games we are playing
0:07 - Video Game News
0:24 - Bryan and Jeff talk about Wii's VC content not transferable to a new Wii
0:30 - Round table discussion about achievements and entitlements and how it has changed gaming
0:45 - Crackdown review
0:57 - Games we are looking forward to
1:05 - Rants start here
1:19 - Shout outs and outro (Rick Ross)

Thanks to Jeff and Bryan to for coming out. You can be their friend on X-Box live at:

I'd post their Wii friend codes, but we've run out of room. Enjoy.

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