Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do You Have a Wii Pole?

I'm so dirty. Nintendo Wii has added a new channel. What is the new channel? Is it about gaming? No, not really. Is it entertaining? Not so much. What the hell is it? Its the Wii Votes Channel. Now you and five other family members can vote on polls each week. Nintendo plans on allowing users to submit polls and they are hoping to put out at least three each week. Sounds exciting. If you thought the Wii was just for gaming you were wrong, now it is so Nintendo can poll their users and get more information about them. Most likely for marketing. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

So now the Wii plays games, surfs the Internet, has a weather channel (which you can get on the net), a news channel (also available on the net), and now Wii voting. Does anyone remember what NES stood for?

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