Friday, February 23, 2007

Circuit City = Used Video Games

I read a Gamespot article that talks about Circuit City's website now offering used video games. Should Gamestop be worried about the double C moving in on their turf? No, according to analyst Colin Sebastian.
"We view the barriers to establish a liquid and profitable used video game business as fairly high," Sebastian wrote, "including dedicated systems to track and manage used product inventory and pricing, the ability to refurbish products and restock stores to balance supply and demand, as well as a sales force trained to evaluate trade-ins. We also believe that a successful used business requires a significant inventory of both new and used video games."
It's funny that Sebastian should write that they "believe that a successful used business requires a significant inventory of both new and used video games" seeing as how Gamestop never has enough games on release date even reserved copies.

I tried supporting Gamestop and EB games, but after consistently having to wait till day after release to get my reserved copy of a game and then hearing Andy saying he just walked into a Target or Circuit City and grabbed his off the shelf, I have given up. I now reserve my games at Best Buy and I was able to get Crackdown on release date. Charlie reserved his at Circuit City and got it on release date, but not after having to wait in the store for 15 minutes, so an employee would grab it off the shelf for him. I hate Circuit City employees.

The discounts for the used games don't seem that significant about $5-8 off the new price, but if you are buying more than one game at once it could add up in savings.

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Jester013 said...

Yeah, I still use EB Games(which is actually owned by Gamestop now) for my used games. I have the Edge card which gives me an extra 10% off used games. However, if they are too new and only like $5 off, I just get the new version.

As for my Crackdown at Best Buy preorder, the experience was less than pleasant. When I checked out, the guy didn't take any information or tell me anything like "Just bring this receipt back on February 20th." He also gave me an empty display case of Crackdown to keep which I found strange and confusing.

Then when I went to Best Buy on the 20th, there were ten million copies on the shelf so I picked one up and then had to hunt down a worker to ask how I make sure to get my $5 preorder credit(I'm not an idiot, I did have my receipt on me). He says I had to go to Customer Service.

Only one person was working Customer Service so I had to wait like 10 minutes until she was done with another customer, just so I could get my $5 credit towards purchase of the game.

I hate preordering anyways. I only preordered Crackdown because I was worried that the inclusion of the Halo 3 beta might have made the game scarce, and I really wanted to play Crackdown.