Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Follow Up to Old Spice Challenge

So I tried getting on last night when the Old Spice Challenge went live around 7:00 pm EST, but was unable. I thought it might be overwhelmed with the thousands of xbox 360 users signing in all at once. I tried throughout the night, but could never get past clicking on the "Sign In" button. So I hit the message boards and read the posts about how people must be stupid because others are able to get in. I tried it on my desktop and Ashley's laptop and couldn't get in on either, so I gave up.

This morning I figured the traffic will be low and I'll be able to jump right in and get to registering. I was wrong. It was giving me the same issues, so I hit the message boards on xbox.com again and found the following from Ashamed Pegasus.

Copy https://reg.msgamestudios.com/default.aspx?site=Halo3Teaser select English and enter the information and hit register at the bottom... When the page loads enter www.xbox.com/rewards and click register a second time... Done...
After trying all morning on different browsers and computers, this finally worked for me. So if you are having no luck give this a try. It basically takes you to the Halo 3 Beta sign up, but helps create a backdoor to the Old Spice Challenge registration form as well. If you have other methods that work, please feel free to post them in the comments section to help out your fellow gamers.

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Jester013 said...

Yeah. It was definitely ridiculous. Today the site seems even more wacky. I was able to do it last night after over three hours of messing with it.

At least I think I'm registered... I can't get back in to see...