Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Best Buy - No sale and Xbox musings

Yesterday, rumors began to surface that Best Buy was going to have a massive unadvertised game sale today. The rumor said over 200 games from the Gamecube to PS2 to Xbox to the 360 would be on sale, many around $2.

I, of course, had to check into this. So I went down to the Best Buy today. As far as I could tell, there was no sale. I know the store had none of the 360 games I knew were supposed to be on the sale. But I checked all the other sections and saw none of the sale.

However, as I was checking the various sections, I noticed something interesting. The Xbox section at Best Buy is really small. I haven't looked at Xbox games pretty much since I got a 360.

Most of the games that were there were ones I recognized from a year or so ago. There were a handful that I never heard of.

We all knew it was coming. I hereby declare the regular Xbox is dead.

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E-goD said...

I went to the best buy near regency, I saw one Gamecube label that said 2 dollars but no game and 2 ds games that said 2 dollars and only one copy of each game. It was funny because there was people with computer print outs of the games that were supposed to be on sale.