Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Great Console Drought

So, the other day, a strange thought entered my mind. I want a Wii. I played with them before and always thought "Someday maybe I'll pick one up." And that day is now. Except... I can't find one.

Now, I'm not saying they are impossible to find. I see them on eBay and online and Craigslist all the time. But they are rare in their natural environment - the store shelves.

I haven't spent as much time or effort on my Wii search as I did on my search for my first 360. I haven't called places, and I won't drive to a different state for the Wii.

But in my hours of stopping by different stores, I've also noticed some other interesting things. First off, stores are still selling the PS2 and Gamecube. They are readily available.

PS3s are also very common in the stores. I saw multiple PS3s in almost every store.

However, 360's are less common. In all my time, I never saw an Elite and I only once saw a Premium. I did see a number of 360 Arcades, though.

The manufacturers say they are not creating the console drought, but that consumers are actually buying them that quick. And honestly, I believe them.

I believe the drought is still from Christmas. People were promised a console or got extra money and promised themselves a console. And the missing Wii's are most likely
because of the Wii cards where you could buy a Wii rain check and be promised a Wii in January.

Most the Wiis I do see on stores' websites are available only in bundle packs, usually $400-500 bundles. I don't feel like paying double money just to get some more games, most of which I don't even want.


aplusj said...

We shall see when the numbers come out if the Xbox is really selling or if this is M$ playing it like Nintendo and reducing production to make it seem like more of a demand.

E-goD said...

Since you always want me to defend Nintendo I will say this...
1. Nintendo isn't keeping Wii's off the shelves. I'm sure they didn't think it would sell this well and you can't just all of a sudden have the same factories produce millions of extra units.
2. I think Andy is crazy.
I see 360's all the time. The pro and the arcade. I will admit I never see the elite, but I think that's because it's a niche thing for Microsoft.
3. What "numbers" are you waiting for?
Sales data comes out every week on consoles sold.

aplusj said...

1.) Sure they probably didn't think it would sell this well a year ago, but it's been a year and they are still selling about 400,000 units every month. They haven't increased production at all.
3.) I don't have access to NPD numbers so I have to wait for other sites to post them.
R.) You still working weekends?

Jester013 said...

I'm just saying that over the weekend I went to five different stores, and I only saw one 360 Premium. I'm not saying that's standard across the nation. Those are my personal observations.

And I don't think Nintendo is trying to manufacture a Wii draught. They probably just figure the sales should level out sometime so why ramp up production?

E-goD said...

Unfortunately i still work weekends.

Jester013 said...

Here's a link to the challenge for anyone who wants to see. I'm currently back in 1st, but there's still like 23 days left.