Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!

It's a few days belated, but XYBA Podcast officially turned one year old on January 29th. In 2007, that was when our first podcast was posted onto this site. It's been a learning year, but overall, I think it's gone well. Read on to learn intricate things you never wanted to know.

Our Origins: The concept of XYBA is from Josh. He came up with the idea in like December 2006 and it took us a while to get together and record the first podcast. We played around with a number of names before choosing XYBA(enforced by Josh's creation of the logo which he kept showing us).

The Members: Josh - Probably the "leader." He came up with the concept, set up the website, records the podcasts and usually sets the dates and times for the podcast. Owns a 360, DS and PC.

Andy - Me. I'm awesome. I do the most blogging and sometimes fight with readers. I also supply some of the hardware. Owns a 360, PC, PS1, Xbox and Mac.

Charlie - A regular on the podcast who is pretty balanced. Owns a 360, Wii and PS3.

Grant - A not-so-often contributer to the podcast. Grant's busy being newly wed. Grant also made our theme song. Owns a PC.

Eric - An on and off podcaster. Doesn't really like podcasting. Was our resident Wii Fanboy. Owns a Wii, DS and PS3. Used to own a 360.

The above are the original five, but we have other people too:

Jeff - Jeff is becoming a regular podcast member. Owns a Wii, 360, PS3, PC and DS(I think).

Santana - Santana contributes to the podcast every once in a great while. Doesn't actually own any gaming systems but plays my 360.

Brian - Brian used to guest on the podcast back before he got hired by Blizzard and moved away.

Sam - We picked Sam to take over as our resident Wii Fanboy blogger because Eric doesn't like blogging either. He posted one story to the blog and never returned. Shame on you, Sam. Owns a Wii.

Marco - Marco guested on a podcast once. Marco does 3D animations and works on some Xbox Live Arcade games. He owns... I don't know, a Mac or something. And I don't remember what, but something Marco said made our listeners mad.

Jeff K - Jeff also guested on the podcast. He helped us with some sound issues. I don't know what he owns.

Sean and Nick - Sean and Nick guested once when they were visiting from Illinois for work. They are both PC gamers.


aplusj said...

Did you make that graphic on your Mac? I just loaded Ubuntu OS on my old Dell and I have to say that it's a pretty cool OS. Once loaded it connected itself to the web and told me what I needed to update, but not just my OS, but every program.

And if you want to search for a program, there is a program for doing so. Also it has the Spaces thing, like the newer Macs have, which is pretty tight. So you can create a bunch of desktops and switch between them.

Jester013 said...

That graphic was done on Photoshop on my PC. My Mac doesn't have much image editing software. It has a lot of video editing software.