Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dead Rising Sued!

Richard Rubinstein, the guy who owns the rights to Dawn of the Dead(why doesn't George Romero own these rights?), is suing Capcom because he says Dead Rising is ripped off of Dawn of the Dead.

First, Dead Rising came out in 2006. Why the long wait? (I personally blame Josh. He went to a George Romero screening in the last month or two and met Romero. I bet he was all "Hey, you ever play Dead Rising?" "Dead what?")

Rubinstein and his MKR Group say in their complaint that "Both works are dark comedies... In both, the recreational activities of the zombies and absurdly grotesque 'kill scenes' provide unexpected comedic relief... Both works provided thoughtful social commentary on the 'mall culture' zeitgeist, in addition to serving up a sizable portion of sensationalistic violence."

But I don't remember the zombies in Dawn of the Dead being the result of America's love of cheap meat. In all the zombie movies/games/stories I've seen, the plotline for Dead Rising was definitely one of the most unique(while also being strangely anti-American).

I say this is a ridiculous lawsuit. Yes, you may think of Dawn of the Dead when playing Dead Rising but only because it takes place in a mall. Stop clogging up our judicial system! And more importantly, do NOT slow down production on Dead Rising 2!

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aplusj said...

The original Night of the Living Dead isn't even copyrighted, so I'm sure Romero got screwed on Dawn of the Dead. I guess Resident Evil has all rights to zombie games that take place in mansions? I'm gonna make a zombie game that takes place in the sewers and this Italian plumber has to save us all. I'll throw in zombie gorillas who throw barrels.