Monday, February 18, 2008

Current Xbox 360 SKUs Discontinued?

There have been internet rumblings for a while now. Rumors that Microsoft is planning a new SKU or merging its SKUs. Some rumors said that the current Xbox 360 shortage on store shelves isn't because of sales of said systems but that Microsoft wasn't making them anymore. Now it's come to light that has listed the Xbox 360 Premium and Elite as discontinued.

There are not currently any Premiums or Elites available directly from Amazon. They are still selling the Xbox 360 Arcade.

The actual wording from Amazon is:
"Discontinued by manufacturer: Yes"

I'm curious, though, if this discontinuation refers to the console itself or the bundles. Many people are expecting Microsoft to make some sort of announcement this week at the GDC.


aplusj said...

I bet it's going to be the Xbox 360 with built in Blu-Ray. Why didn't they just keep the elite and scrap everything else.

Mike said...

Agreed. I predict built-in Blu-Ray, and a 40gb hard drive. One SKU. I just bought a PS3 only because my wife and I want to watch Hi-Def movies. I'm sure I'm not the only one doing that and Microsoft wants some of that action.

aplusj said...

M$ screwed Toshiba by not building the HD-DVD optical drive into the 360. Now they are upset because Toshiba is going back to XP instead of Vista. It's called Karma bitches.