Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ripples from FOX and Mass Effect

Apparently, the retail chain Target has taken notice of the negative and misleading reports by Fox News on Mass Effect and how it's a sex simulator. However, the only notice appears to be that Mass Effect involves sex.

Reports are coming in that Target has taken Mass Effect off its shelves and refuses to sell the game. This news comes at the same time as the official announcement that Mass Effect will be available on the PC.

It's ridiculous that Target is taking these steps. They obviously haven't paid attention to the aftermath. In fact, even Jack Thompson has gone on the record to say that the sex scenes in Mass Effect are very mild. If JACK THOMPSON isn't against a video game, how can anyone else be?


aplusj said...

I wrote an email to Target telling them that they were idiots for removing Mass Effect from their store shelves and this is what they said:

I'm sorry for any confusion, but Target has no plans to remove the Xbox 360 game "Mass Effect" from our shelves.

Andy starting rumors.

Jester013 said...

I don't start the rumors. I just spread them!