Monday, August 20, 2007

Doritos Announces the Finalists in Their Unlock Xbox Contest

Remember that contest Doritos was sponsoring where you could submit game ideas(that were "Dorito inspired")? Well, they have announced the five finalists!

Doritos Dinosaur Dash

In this game, a dinosaur is trying to eat a delivery truck full of Doritos. You can play as either the truck driver or the dinosaur.

Ultimate Dodgeball Champions

It's a dodgeball game. That's about it.

Monkeys from Mt. Dorito

Um... Monkeys fight Tiki monsters using doritos as hit points or weapons. The picture kinda looks like a small version of Pac-Man. There's some more complex rules for the game, click the link above to see them.

PB's Quest for Flavor

PB is a pill bug in search of the perfect flavor of Doritos. He searches a house for this perfect Dorito. Along the way, he eats other Doritos which give him powers to fight other bugs. The powers vary depending on the flavor of the Dorito.

Rythum Racing

Racing on a racetrack that changes with the beat and tempo of whatever music you are listening to.


aplusj said...

the racing one sounds like a neat concept in general. I'm betting that these were the only entries.

Jester013 said...

No, you could see the entries during the contest. There were a lot of entries. But a lot of them were very bad.

Kenneth said...

So, we found out that the judges never considered any of the media submitted with the entries. We were allowed to submit up to 3 images and two videos with our proposals. The rules clearly state that videos and such aren't required, but they will help your chances as they'll give the judges more info about your idea. NOW, we're being told that all along, the judges were only going to see the text descriptions of the concepts 'to be fair to those without technical skills'. This is completely untrue, and, even throughout the contest, in the support forum, we asked repeatedly about the media and were told repeatedly not to worry, the judges would see all of it.

At this point, we (the people who actually put effort into their proposals) have to call shenanigans. This is just utterly ridiculous. It's no wonder people are outraged over the quality level of the finalists, as the audience got to see the actual submissions, and the judges saw something different. Below is my entry, which I spent a week on, and included two five minute videos and 3 high rez images. Please, take a look at it, compare it to the finalists, and then make a judgment as to whether the 'best' entries were selected.

All of this somewhat explains why a copyrighted image slipped through, as the judges never even saw it. At this point, the organizers of this contest really need to take some action to rectify this situation. Their finalists selections are laughable. Laughable doesn't make for good PR.

My entry: