Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shadowrun Patched

A Shadowrun patch is now live for both the Xbox 360 and the PC. This update addresses some problem issues like server disconnects and Vista cheats as well as some gaming issues. More details after the jump.

Game Balance
* Dwarves can no longer be bled out with the katana or Artifact. (This is a dwarven racial advantage that doesn't always works. It sucks being bled out by the katana when it's never supposed to happen to you!)
* The elf regeneration ability has been mildly nerfed by delaying its start by 1/4 second and costing the elf more essence. (I'm glad for this as well. Personally, I suck with elves, but when I fight them, they just run off and regenerate before I can track them down again and kill them.)

* Enemy footsteps will be louder.

* Bot intelligence should now scale with players’ average Trueskill in Public Match games. (The bots were sometimes great and sometimes very bad. Hopefully this will help even them out.)

* Added “Advanced Settings” screen when setting up a Private Game, which contains the allows the host to cap the number of players, more control over preferences and the ability to turn karma on or off. (I've never played a private game so it doesn't affect me.)
* Fixed “stop” functionality when a game-start countdown has begun.
* Improved messaging for when your party is split or rejoined due to team balance.
* Improved messaging about Artifact clearing bodies in Attrition. (Yeah, I was a total newb when the first time I played Attrition. I put like five clips into a body, not realizing you can only destroy bodies with the Artifact when playing Attrition.)

* Improved server reliability. (Thank God!)

Dedicated Server
* Improved voting reliability.
* Improved network reliability.
* Improved error messaging.

* Local Match games can now be played without a profile. (By local, you mean System Link? Who has enough consoles system linked to play locally? Maybe it's more for PC players...)
* Fixed numerous crashes.
* Fixed numerous exploits and glitches. (Does this mean no more Vista glitching Katana Elves?)
* Improved Vista multi-monitor functionality. (For the 10 people playing on Vista.)


Jigsaw hc said...

Sounds like this should be pretty good. Especially since I'm trying to get the 100 games as a dwarf achievements. The private game options will be cool too, but I'm not sure I'll use them that much.

PuLseLoGiK said...

Ah man...yet another. How could I have missed this one...I haven't been here in awhile. I would have posted it here instead of the other more recent post on the 360 Fall Update.

People need to stop using after the jump. Seriously.

Jester013 said...

I'll respond to that. After the jump.