Monday, August 27, 2007

COD4 Beta Signup Crashes Official Site

Infinity Ward's web company assured them that the website was ready for the beta applications today at noon. Unfortunately, it reportedly crashed soon after noon justlike it did when the beta was originally announced at E3.

Those lucky enough to see the website are saying that all the tokens to participate in the beta were gone within eight minutes. But because of the massive rush to the website and the crash, Infinity Ward has reopened the beta registration.

They have thrown out the "first come, first serve" approach they were trying. Members now have until August 28th at 7 pm to register for the beta. After that, they will randomly pick people to participate in the beta and let them know within 72 hours.

The official website Charlie Oscar Delta is currently back up but moving a little sluggishly. It's probably being pegged a lot so be patient.

The beta clocks in at about a gig.

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