Wednesday, August 8, 2007

HDMI for Everyone!

Okay, not everyone, but Microsoft is starting to put HDMI ports into their Xbox 360 Premiums. Crazy HDMI ports which apparently are the best video quality are now no longer the sole property of the Xbox 360 Elite.

With the new retail price of $350, the Xbox 360 Premium is almost a new system. There's the HDMI ports, the new 65nm chips, supposedly fixed cooling system... This means that my 360 which I bought January 2006 might be considered a classic (or an antique).

While Microsoft has confirmed the Premium HDMI port, they say they have no plans to install the HDMI ports into the Core system. Which, of course, has helped fuel the ongoing rumor frenzy about the possibility of removing the Core SKU.

(And in personal news, sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I was in the middle of a move.)

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