Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I said the Sherrif is a Ni...

If you've seen "Blazing Saddles" you get the humor of the title, and therefore are probably an intelligent member of society. If you've seen the new Resident Evil 5 trailer and thought, "what the f! this white bastard hates black people" then you are probably ignorant. Case in point, this article on Game Politics with a women from a website called Black Looks has made some very poorly informed statements regarding said trailer.

I actually wondered how long it would take before somebody cried foul about this, I mean there was a crazy Mom who saw a video of Castle Crashers and thought they were KKK members killing the homies. I think it will be interesting to see if this affects the production of the game at all.

Japan has a very different, not really better or worse, view on people of other ethnic backgrounds whether black, white, red or yellow. Either way, I for one know that black people love me but if there was a black zombie, or white, or even skinless, I would put that muther down faster than Tu-Pac in a drive by.

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Jester013 said...

I'm shocked and appalled by this post. You think being an intelligent member of society means having watched Blazing Saddles!?! While I have seen it, I'm still ashamed. Tsk, tsk.