Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Call of Duty 4 Perks

Over at Charlie Oscar Delta, there's a new mission that lets members tell infinity ward which perks they are most excited about. But with these questions, it looks like they have revealed all of the perks, even ones they haven't done little special videos and reports on yet.

First off, the question talks about three different numbered categories. This leads me to believe that players will be able to pick three perks, but it can only be one from each category.

Category 1 seems to deal with your character's explosives. There's Bomb Squad which allows you to find enemy explosives. With the name Bomb Squad, I'd hope you can also disarm the explosives after you find them.

There's also C4 x2 which will give your character two C4 packs you can remote detonate. There's also Claymore x2 which will give you two trip mines. RPG-7 x2 gives you a rocket launcher with 3 rockets. And finally, Special Grenades x3 will give you three special grenades but no smoke grenades.

Category 2 will affect your character in battle. Juggernaut gives you increased health. Sleight of Hand gives you faster reloading. Sonic Boom makes your explosions do more damage while Stopping Power increases your bullet damage. And finally, the UAV Jammer makes you undetectable on enemy radar.

Most of Category 3 affects your character physically, sometimes allowing special moves. Deep Impact makes your bullets penetrate barriers further. If you want to sprint for longer distances, Extreme Conditioning is for you. Last Stand allows you to pull out your pistol and fire it from the ground before you bleed out(you can always kill yourself to respawn faster if there's nobody to shoot near you when on the ground). Martyrdom is like Last Stand but without the work. If you have Martyrdom, you will drop a live grenade when you get killed. Steady Aim will increase your hip-fire accuracy. And finally, making less noise while moving is possible with Dead Silence.

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