Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This Game Brought to You... by Army

The Army has opened a new office with the sole purpose of designing video games. These games would be used to train troops in realistic military simulations.

I wouldn't expect these games to ever go to the public(or be much fun). But apparently the military is sick of paying third parties to make their training games and simulators. The new office is part of the National Simulation Center out of Kansas.

The tool kit they are working on now would allow soldiers to create and customize different scenarios. However, it isn't slated for release until as late as 2015. Won't we all be using Virtual Reality by then?


aplusj said...

About time my taxes went towards something I give the thumbs up to. I imagine the video games would simulate troops sitting around playing video games. My brother just went to Iraq and he took his 360 because he said he will need it for all the down time he will have. Apparently it's not unusual to find gaming consoles being played to keep the boredom away.

Will said...

The Army has been using video games for training for years. When I was active duty we used a NES with a custom game and controller to do marksmanship training. Also, one of the biggest free on-line FPS games for the PC is Ammerica's Army, which is owned by the US Government. They even put an Xbox version out called Rise of a Soldier. Check out the Wikipedia article on it:'s_Army