Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Pretty Good at Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars LeaderboardsI'm not good at Geometry Wars: Galaxies, but I'm not bad either. I recently went to San Francisco with the family for holiday and I needed a game to take. So I bought Geometry Wars: Galaxies on the DS. I wasn't a fan of the demo on the Xbox 360 and this game is pretty repetitive, so I get bored with it.

This game is good for trips to kill some time and I had plenty of free time. With all this free time I was able to score in the top ten on one of the planets. You can actually view me on Geometry Wars site. Just go to the leaderboards and go to the planet Minduo. I'm aplusj. Boo yaka. I think I'll try to place higher seeing as how I'll probably be bumped very soon.

On a side note, the Geometry Wars site is pretty cool. They've made it so that it's friendly to browse if you are using the DS browser, Wii browser, or your regular browser. Neat idea.


Jigsaw hc said...

I never really got into the 360 version. I'm not a fan of the controls for that style of game where one stick shoots and the other moves. I can play it ok, but after a while it gets pretty dull.

aplusj said...

The DS version is a little different. They added different droids that you can upgrade with experience and they have different strengths.

It still gets pretty dull, but I have this weird compulsion to get gold medals on each world and now that I'm placing on the leaderboards it's a little more interesting.

I just placed in the top 20 for Claeis.