Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gamefly Opens New Shipping Center

I went back to Gamefly almost 6 months ago(according to My Rewards, at least). Honestly, the shipping times have not increased much despite the fact that they opened up an East Coast shipping center in Pittsburgh. But now Gamefly is opening a third shipping center in Tampa, FL.

Hopefully this new center will speed up shipping. If Gamefly ever got as fast as Netflix, then they'd be in business for real. Right now, I only keep my account to check out games I refuse to pay full price for. Whether it's because the game looks too short, has no replay value or just looks bad.

One great thing about Gamefly is that they sell used games for very cheap and free shipping. I do use them for this quite a bit.


Falthorn said...

It's fast as balls here in CA. I think the shipping center is a block away. In fact, shipping times for Gamefly are faster than NetFlix. About a month ago supply on all games was overflowing, but now it's back to its typical tightly allocated protocol.

Thunderpudd said...

well i recently signed back up due to the flood of titles coming in across the 3 systems. so far it hasn't been any better for me, so hopefully this new site will remedy that