Thursday, December 6, 2007

Culdcept Rocks

I just want to make sure everyone knows about the demo available for Culdcept Saga. Don't be fooled into thinking that it's some sort of Japanese RPG like every other. This is actually a highly addictive mix of board game (think Monopoly) and Magic the Gathering card game. The card system is easy to learn and the mix of random dice action combined with the strategy of a card battle is great fun. I actually got the precursor to this game on the ol' PS2 on a whim and everyone I made play it with me ended up really enjoying it. My only complaint is that this could have easily just been a XBL Arcade download, but since Namco has been in the habit of jackin' people on their games lately (i.e. Katamari should have been $20 for such a short game)I guess I'm stuck.

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Falthorn said...

I happily downloaded the demo and got about 20 minutes into it before realizing that if you have shitty luck or you're terribly un-lucky at Monopoly, you're not going to fare much better here.

On the upside, in justifying the full sticker price (though I believe it's going to retail for around 40 bucks) there is supposedly a pretty fleshed out story-mode with 3d cutscenes and the whole irrelevant nine yards.

Also, if you're Silver, you'll be waiting a week to get your dick bent on this one.