Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Design a Halo 3 Emblem Contest

Bungie is holding an emblem contest where (Bnet as it's called in the streets) readers can design an emblem that will be used in the final shipping game. The guide lines include:
  1. Your emblem must consist of only two colors.
  2. Your emblem must be able be identified if the secondary portion is toggled off. See below for examples.
  3. Your emblem must look good when it’s tiny.
  4. Your emblem must be original art. Do NOT copy anything. All entries that look remotely like other logos or corporate images will be ejected. Same goes for National flags.
  5. Nothing offensive. Nothing rude, racist, -blam!- or otherwise stupid in nature.
  6. 128x128 pixels and in either gif or Jpeg format
  7. 128k file size limit
Bungies says.
"The winner will have their emblem design featured in Halo 3, and we will pick the winner based on purely aesthetic considerations. We will pick the one we deem best suited to appear in the game and if we don’t get one we like, we won’t use one."
Email your entry to or if you like to keep the postal service in business then send it to:
Emblem Assembly
Bungie Studios
One Microsoft Way

So are you entering Eric?

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