Friday, May 11, 2007

Crackdown New Content is Live

The new downloadable content for Crackdown went online yesterday. There are three different sets of downloadable content, the free title update, the free Free-for-All Pack and the 800 MS($10) Getting' Busy Bonus Pack.

The title update lets you completely reset the gangs in campaign, orbs now make more noise the more orbs you gather, new ground strike attack for 4 star strength agents, improvements to explosives, improved targeting and stunt rings are now more visible among other things.

The Free-for-All Pack adds a cheat mode, a vehicle impound option and co-op trophy sequences.

The Getting' Busy Bonus Pack introduces three new vehicles, five new weapons, street racing and four new game types. Personally, I look forward to roasting Josh in Rocket Tag.

And one cool thing: you can preview the new content without buying it by joining someone's game who already has it. Sweet.


aplusj said...

I downloaded it. Looks like they didn't fix any of the audio bugs. Instead it seems buggier now. I got in a civilian car to take it to impound it and the narrator started giving the speech about it being an agency vehicle.

Other than that the increase in orb sound works great. I found 3 more hidden orbs and I like impounding the cars and changing them all to green.

Jigsaw hc said...

How do the new card handle? Do they jump pretty well?

Jester013 said...

I haven't downloaded the expansion pack yet so I'm not sure how the new cars are. I know there was an improvement made to the ramp trucks in the update so that cars could more easily jump off of them instead of getting stuck on the bottom of the ramp.