Friday, May 11, 2007

Halo Stuff

So Luke is at Bungie now and got to post his first post for the weekly update. The Bungie site now shows how many people are playing Halo 3 (over 1000 as of right now), also it shows how many Halo 2 games have been played in the last 24 hours (over 400,00 as of right now).

The Friends and Family invites went out today. I checked my Bungie private message section and found no invite. It must be from all the ball kissing I talked about.

A new Halo novel is coming out this fall. It is titled Halo: Contact Harvest and is written by Joseph Staten, the writer of Halo:CE and Halo 2. So it should be interesting to see a story coming straight from the creators.

Bungie released a video showing gameplay of the Halo 3 beta. I've posted it below. Also Bungie has posted a bunch of new screen shots. The missile pod looks pretty cool. I know Eric is just as excited as I am.

There is also a new Halo 3 Beta forum section. Some things mentioned on the forums: needler rocks and makes a good weapon, one guest is allowed, crouching is faster than Halo 2 so teabagging is easier, the game films are saved to the harddrive or to file share and the user determines the amount of space to allocate for this, and slow downs with downloading the game. Seems like the 16th we won't be playing as much as we'll be downloading.


E-goD said...

IGN has a bunch of impressions and other crap on the "biggest game of the year."
I have a problem with that statement in a year with a "true" Mario game and GTA.

aplusj said...

I like how you try to dilute your Mario bias by throwing in GTA. I thought you hated the GTA franchise. I think they mean big as in it will sell more than any game.

I saw a headline that said EB has already sold several million pre-orders for the game. GTA and Mario will never get those kinds of numbers and honestly Halo will most likely never get those types of numbers again with their franchise.

E-goD said...

You honestly don't think GTA can sell as much as Halo? GTA is coming out on 2 consoles and will probably blow Halo 3 out of the water for total sales. Wii won't have enough systems in homes to sell as many copies of Mario, but come on, "same game you bought 3 years ago but with barely better graphics" as "biggest game of the year" is at best an opinion of an x-box biased fanboy.

Thunderpudd said...

if halo 3 really wants to be tops this time, they should do what super mario 3 did and make a whole movie as a commercial for it, where some underdog kid has to go on an adventure of self discovery to a game tournament to prove himself to his peers... and they could call it "the wizard too" like "teen wolf too". yeah that would rock!

E-goD said...

The only problem is no one had seen Super Mario 3, the big reveal came in the movie. In this, people are already playing a less-than-finished version of the game.