Monday, April 7, 2008

Saints Row II Dated

Saints Row
Since we are talking release dates, THQ announced that Saints Row II will be releasing this year on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The sandbox game will be available on August 26th.

I was a short lived fan of the game, but with all the bugs I experienced I wasn't able to finish every mission or really enjoy the online aspect of it. Let's hope THQ QAs the hell out this sequel otherwise I'll have to save my money for the other great looking sandbox games coming out this year, like APB and Prototype.


aplusj said...

Gameplayer has a story about GTA IV DLC coming in August to compete with Saints Row II.

Jester013 said...

I really enjoyed Saint's Row and am actually looking forward to the sequel more than GTA IV. With the ability for multiplayer co-op and jumping in and out of friends' games with no issues, it should be a good time. (Also, it's made by Volition who are based out of my college town. Represent!)