Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GTA IV First Impressions

So I picked up GTA IV after work today and played it for about 7 hours. Overall, I am enjoying it and will waste a lot of time on it. Here are some of the problems I've had though...

Every once in a while it freezes. Usually on a loading screen. If the letters are still flashing, it's not actually locked. Sometimes it just takes a LONG time to load. However, if the letters aren't flashing, it's locked.

Sometimes Niko loses his hat. I believe it's when he gets into a car. Sometimes the hat returns. Other times you have to go home and put the hat back on. I paid $8 for that hat! I want to wear it!

Tried to play one game of deathmatch and the loading screen after the host started was up for so long I gave up.

I also spent a couple hours with Charlie in party play free roam. Now, hopefully this is not the "co-op" of the game. It's just running around with a bunch of free weapons and vehicles. While we enjoyed ourselves, it won't have lasting entertainment value.

I actually don't think the co-op is working right now. I couldn't find an option for it on my cell phone(how you access multiplayer). The manual says to consult Rockstar's website about multiplayer. And their website under co-op says "Coming Soon."


Jester013 said...

I figured out some more things.

1) My hat isn't disappearing. It's getting knocked off my head. But even when I see it on the group I can't pick it back up. I have to go back to my apartment to put it back on.

2) There are co-op games, but they're small side missions things. They're fun but not as great as I had hoped.

E-goD said...

I couldn't avoid the hype and picked up a copy of the game, despite the fact that I don't like any of the other GTA games. It's alright. Some of the graphics are impressive, some of it looks pretty crummy. I never understood why they made the controls for driving so loose when it plays such a big part in the game. I also don't love the shooting or fighting controls. Nowhere near a '10' game to me, but I don't like open world games, I want to know what I have to do next.

Jester013 said...

The fighting and shooting has definitely improved, IMO. The driving seems a lot looser, though. The regular brake is not enough and the handbrake is way too much.

E-goD said...

Yeah, with the driving it seems like you have to go full throttle at a turn, then hard on the handbrake for a second, then hard on the gas again to take a turn without completely stopping.

aplusj said...


You should go over to Andy's and play it on a 360 and let us know if the power sliding is different. This version definitely doesn't play like previous versions. I'm having a really hard time taking corners at top speed like I use to in older versions.

The games definitely no 10, but it's fun. I just wish there was a setting to remove the radio stations any time I get into a car. There's just so much noise happening at once that the radio is just not needed.

E-goD said...

As a follow to our discussion the other night, I crashed on a motorcycle and when I got up I was wearing a helmet. He ran around with it on for a while before pulling it off and throwing it down.