Monday, November 26, 2007

Rock Band Announcement Hinted At

MTV, the creators of Rock Band, are hinting that a major announcement will be coming from them very shortly. Rumors run wild on the internet as to what the announcement will be.

Some think it will be a Rock Band update or expansion that will allow gamers to create or use their own music.

A lot of the speculation thinks that the announcement will have some kind of "Hollywood" tie in. I'm not sure what that would be. There's already a game where you make movies, it's called The Movies.


Jester013 said...

I thought of something this announcement might be. Combining music with Hollywood. Music Videos!

Maybe you'll be able to record your gigs possibly with some rudimentary editing.

aplusj said...

I think the music video idea would be cool. Not as cool as watching your saved films from Halo 3. But I'm sure kids would really enjoy this espicially if they can rig it so that it automatically goes to youtube, which I think Tony Hawk did.