Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guitar Repair for Dummies!

For any of you poor saps who were lucky enough to grab your box-o-rock, but unlucky enough to get a busted guitar here's a possible solution. It seems that some impatient maverick took it upon himself to crack open the strum-less ax and fix it freelance. If you also have the gumption to go at yourself he has posted some directions with pics here. Of course I'm sure this would void any warranty if your parts appeared "tampered" with, but for those in need of a quick fix of rocking this may be the way to go. Rock On on soldiers of noise, Rock On!!


Jester013 said...

Josh tells me that EA is very good with the guitar replacement. His guitar is acting up so he contacted EA. Apparently, they send you the new guitar along with the box to send back your broken guitar.

aplusj said...

This is where you go to replace it for free. Now there are two options, one where you give them your credit card number and they send you the guitar and box in a 2 day express shipping box, and the other one is they send you the box and as soon as they receive your broken guitar they send out the new one.

They ask for your credit card, just in case you think you're so smart that you'll keep both guitars. If they don't receive the broken guitar within 28 days, then they charge you like $120 for the new guitar, shipping, and wasting their time.

I may have to send in the drums as well. Eric mentioned that a guy on Youtube taped his red pad down to make it work better. The mic works great and if it ever breaks I can apparently replace it with a cheap USB mic.

E-goD said...

I heard you can use the mic that comes with the XBOX for the singing.

aplusj said...

You can. They give you an attachment to hook it up to the guitar and drums. I haven't tried it. I just got my replacement guitar in the mail.