Monday, November 26, 2007

Friends of Friends Coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced a new feature that will be included in their December 4th Fall Update: Friends of Friends. This feature will allow Xbox Live members to browse their friends' friends lists.

Microsoft says that this feature was inspired from websites like Myspace and Facebook. In such social websites, users are able to find other people they know by browsing their friends' friends lists.

I don't think it will work as well on Xbox Live, though. You can't see as much personal info on Xbox Live. So I could scan Josh's friends list and see his Xbox Live friends, but that doesn't mean I would recognize them.

(And for those that scan my friends list. I just cleaned it out the other day. I'm down to pretty much only people I know from real life. Sorry to those who did not survive the Friends List Purge of 2007, but I got tired of constantly getting notices that so and so was online when I never play with so and so.)


Falthorn said...

God, I hope we can tier our friends by order of importance and/or cup size! Maybe in the '08 update, we can trash our profile with broken CSS, pictures of dogs throwing up on each other, and YouTube rap videos!

Jester013 said...

I just love the business strategy: "This Myspace thing seems to be really catching on with the kids! How can we model ourselves more like Myspace?"

Jester013 said...

Microsoft answered one of my questions. The update will also allow you to put your name, country, nationality and brief description about yourself on your gamer profile.

aplusj said...


What's this about dogs throwing up on each other?

Also, why would I care who's on my friend's list? With weird gamertag names and no pics, how will I know if I actually know them, like Myspace. "Wow I see Jester013 has 'xXxSniper4EvaxXx' and 'NewBKillaz' on his list" I have know idea who those people are and whether or not I would want to be friends with them.