Thursday, June 11, 2009

My PS3 Experience

Okay, so I finally got a PS3 a few weeks ago(I had planned on getting one when inFamous came out). I've been playing it since then - first Uncharted and then inFamous(I'm doing my second playthrough on evil). Overall, I enjoy it. Here are some of the things I've seen and you can tell me if I'm right or missing something.

First, the graphics and sound are great. Which was expected.

Other than a small adjustment to the different controller(I kept pressing the square when it told me to press X and the bumpers/triggers took an adjustment), the gameplay has been smooth. The controllers are smaller and lighter than the Xbox 360's. Although the recharge cord that comes with the controller is pretty freaking short. What's up with that?

I like having a system that's been out for a while. There are a lot of games I can pick up for fairly cheap.

The Blu-Ray player is nice. Of course, I don't plan on replacing my DVD collection or even buying a lot of Blu-Ray DVDs, but it's good to have.

The Wi-Fi connection is great. I haven't noticed any lag (although I've only played the Uncharted 2 beta multiplayer). And not paying for PSN is wonderful.

Things I don't like or am misunderstanding:

Not all games(especially older ones) have trophies. That's disappointing. I know some trophies were added in for some games later(like Uncharted) but other games still have no trophies (like Haze).

Playstation Home seems boring. What am I doing? Just running around, looking at things?

My PS3 didn't come with a headset so if I want to actually talk to anyone on PSN I need to buy a headset.

The Playstation website is horrible compared to I can't look at my friends' trophies or send them an instant message. Navigation on the site is not as quick or simple.

Overall, I like the PS3. However, I will be sticking mainly with the 360. I mean, my gamerscore on the 360 is ridiculous. And I have a lot more friends on Xbox Live. But I'll stick use the PS3 for some sweet PS3 exclusives.

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Mike said...

My experience with the PS3 has been similar. It's a pretty slick console, but the overall setup of Xbox live is just way better than PSN. Plus, I like achievements better than trophies. As you mentioned a lot of the games will never have trophies. Some like Uncharted got them later, so I'd have to go back and play them again to get 'em. Not a big deal, but slightly annoying.

Getting a headset doesn't necessarily make things better online. Since the PS3 will connect with just about any bluetooth out there, a lot of people on PSN play with really crappy headsets. All you hear is their background noise all the time, or static. It gets really annoying. But yeah like you said, it's great for those exclusives!