Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Natal - The Next Big Thing?

Microsoft unveiled Project Natal at E3 this week. It is a set of motion sensor cameras used for the 360 to detect the gamer's movements, controlling actions in the game. There's a lot of excitement surrounding this innovation.

Personally, I think it's a good thing. I've been waiting for something like this ever since I first played a motion sensing boxing arcade game(MoCap Boxing) years ago. A few more arcade games came out using the same technology(I remember a cop game), but overall it didn't seem to take off like I had hoped it would.

I can tell you one thing - those games were tiring. The boxing game made you sweat and the cop game hurt my legs from crouching so much. But I really liked the games and didn't mind the physical toil(in fact it's a nice workout).

I don't know if Project Natal games will be as tiring. But I think that if the games are fun people will play them. We already know from Wii Fit that gamers will buy games that give them a workout. It's a little less sure if gamers will keep playing them.

Project Natal will be included in all Xbox 360 bundles in the near future and Microsoft will be selling Project Natal seperately as well for all of us who already have an Xbox 360.

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E-goD said...

I think they said it will work with all Xbox 360's already sold, and all future xbox 360's they make, not necessarily included with. From what I've seen it looks like pretty cool technology. I don't know how it will translate to what all the 360/ps3 fanboys like to call 'core' gaming. I'm interested in seeing how the new PS3 camera/motion controller compares to this when they actually come out. As for people thinking this will kill Wii sales, I doubt that will be the case for a few reasons. First, I heard no word of when this will be out, or how much it will cost, which will offset the fact that 360's are similiarly priced to Wii's now. They need a good game for it. I'm not impressed with video of a kid acting like a monster destroying a city. That could be cool for all of 5 minutes, and the video of the kid didn't make it seems like it works at all, or is fun. They need a Wii Sports type game that everyone will like, if they're trying to appeal to a larger audience. I think the technology they and Sony have come up with is awesome, but I don't think it will be fully integrated and accepted in this generation system cycle.