Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wii Sports Not As Good For You as Real Sports

File this one under "well, duh," but a new study has determined how many calories the various games in Wii Sports burn compared to actually playing the real sport. Shockingly, playing the actual sport burns more calories than the virtual one.

Here are the calorie burning per minute breakdowns from the study. The first number is the Wii Sports number, the second is the real sport number.

Baseball - 4.5/7.3

Bowling - 3.6/7.2

Boxing - 3.0/10.2

Golf - 0.8/3.9

Tennis - 2.8/8.1

So according to the study, baseball burns the most calories. Of course, I think the study is misleading since they brake it down as calories burned per minute. Some of these games don't have activity that lasts even a minute straight. Therefore, while bowling seems to burn calories the second fastest, it doesn't pan out since bowling doesn't have constant activity.

Also, most of the time the real sport involves holding a heavier object - be it a bowling ball, tennis racket or baseball bat. So that's going to help burn more calories.

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