Friday, August 29, 2008

Left 4 Dead Online Details

Valve just announced that their upcoming zombie survival thriller Left 4 Dead will be on dedicated servers for anyone who plays online no matter the platform. They also announced that the Xbox 360 version would include two person splitscreen mode for online play and the splitscreen can be horizontal or vertical - your choice!

Dedicated servers are always a great idea since it means less lag and no host advantage. All games should implement dedicated servers.

And I am also always a fan of splitscreen co-op. Too many games have moved away from this feature.

Overall, I was already extremely excited for this game, but this makes it look that much better. Keep it up, Valve!

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aplusj said...

man this game is going to be awesome. Now with dedicated servers, that makes it even better. I say we get a LAN party going for this game.