Sunday, January 27, 2008

NASA MMO on the way?

NASA is looking at throwing their hat into the massively multiplayer online gaming arena. The government space agency has put out business opportunity for someone to develop an MMO for them. Apparently, they are inspired by the Army's success with America's Army.

The posting calls for "a game engine that includes powerful physics capabilities could support accurate in-game experimentation and research. It should simulate real NASA engineering and science missions in a medium that is comfortable and familiar to the majority of students in the United States today."

Seems interesting and like it could be educational, but I doubt it will be a huge success. Educational doesn't sell games. And realistic simulations of space manuevers aren't that great either. America's Army sold because people like shooting other people.

(Although I wasn't a big fan because it was too realistic. I couldn't tell who the enemies were and I would always die.)

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