Monday, January 21, 2008

Free XBLA Game This Week

Remember when Microsoft had those Xbox Live problems around Christmas because of all the new gamers? And remember when Microsoft promised a free XBLA game to make up for the outages? (And then remember when some moron thought that wasn't enough and tried to sue Microsoft for $5 million?) Well, the free game is availabe this week!

The free game will be Undertow, a relatively new XBLA game that takes place underwater and has had a lot of good reviews. The game normally costs 800 Microsoft Points($10). If you already have the game, they say you can contact Xbox Support about a "possible" refund. Don't hold your breath, though.

Undertow will only be free for Gold and Silver members from January 23rd - January 28th.


Jigsaw hc said...

I'm glad the y re doing something so don't take this as complaining. I really an glad they are doing something to compensate us, but why a free game an not just extend the Xbox Live subscriptions by a couple weeks? Also, why are silver members getting this for free? The don't pay for the Live service?

Jester013 said...

See, if they extended everyone's membership, they'd have to pay for that. If they make a game available for a week and you have to remember to download it during that week, there's a good chance many people won't download it. In fact, I'd say many won't even know about it.

Jigsaw hc said...

True, most owners probably don't even realize there were XBL issues. Just those of us who are avid players notice this kind of stuff.