Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rant: I Hate Boosters!

I hate boosters. I can understand where they're coming from: achievements are addictive and awesome. But don't ruin my game with your boosting. I hate those boosters the most.

I've played some Halo 3 this weekend to take advantage of the Double XP weekend and to check out some of the 1.2 goodness. It's been a while since I played.

I hadn't even realized that the total achievements you could get in Halo 3 were now at 79 achievements for 1750 gamerscore. That made my 920 look small. So I set about to play.

However, none of my friends were playing. Josh's disc is scratched. I don't know where Alana is. Roger's probably working. And they're the only ones who would really be playing anymore.

I played a little yesterday and finally got my Mongoose Mowdown. I'd been trying to get that forever. Before now, every time I hit someone with a Mongoose it doesn't kill them, it just knocks them out of the way.

I played some today, and in the pregame lobby, there were kids trying to get others to boost with them. The main achievement they were trying to boost? Came... From... Behind... which is assassinate 3 times in a ranked or social match. Any achievement that can be boosted in a social match should be so it's not disturbing the real gamers.

These kids kept getting pissed when I would kill them. "Stop shooting us, Jester!" That's the point of the game! A couple even left me negative feedback of "Unsporting" because I killed them while they were trying to boost in a public, ranked game.



aplusj said...

I have to agree. Granted I did boost on Prey, but that was because There was only 2 people online at the time. I went there to play the MP game, but had no one to play with, so I decided to at least get the points.

I have yet to boost on any other game, especially Halo. When people try to boost on Halo 3, I likes to grief them. Kind of bogus that those losers gave you bad reviews.

Jigsaw hc said...

If someone sets up a private room to boost that is fine, but in a public room I would have killed them every chance I got and then reported them for boosting.