Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jester013's Briefs: Mercenaries 2

Since I've been so busy and because I know more and more people have short attention spans(anything over 1 minute on Youtube is usually criticized as too long), I'm going to start doing brief reports on games instead of in-depth reviews. My first one is on Mercenaries 2.

Game: Mercenaries 2
Platform: Xbox 360
Plays Like: An updated and better version of Lost Cause
Fun?: Yes
Multiplayer: Online co-op exists, but I haven't played it yet
Graphics: Decent but not great
Bugs: Not too many so far other than my helicopter pilot thinking he's getting shot sometimes when he's not and if your guy falls down a big hill, he just keeps rag doll sliding until he's not moving anymore which can take a while
Weird Things: It was released in stores on a Sunday for some reason. And it's kind of hard to get killed in the game.
Worth Full Price: Unsure as of yet. I like it, but it seems like it might be a short game...

Other Notes: The theme song from the commercial "Oh No, You Didn't" is awesome. I saw the same commercial once with just some classical music playing. It was definitely not as good.

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Jigsaw hc said...

Thanks for the recap. It is on my list to rent so I'm looking forward to trying it out. Glad to hear it is pretty fun.