Wednesday, February 18, 2009

GTA IV DLC: First Impressions

I downloaded The Lost and the Damned GTA IV DLC today. It clocks in at 1.78 GB but only took about 45 minutes to download. It costs 1600 Microsoft Points($20). I've only played a few missions(I'm apparently 8.6% done), but I thought I'd give my initial impressions.

First off, maybe there should be a little onscreen tutorial or hints as to how to play because I have apparently forgotten how to control my character in GTA IV. I died a few times in the first gunfight because I had to relearn how to do things in the game.

Secondly, my character seems extremely slow. Even when I hold down the run button. Was Nico this slow? He didn't seem to be, but maybe Saint's Row 2 spoiled me.

I also seem to have a problem being in a gang. My problem being that all the bikers look the same to me so when I'm in gang warfare, I sometimes shoot my own guys or I don't shoot the enemy because I think they're in my gang. I'm a lone wolf, baby! I can't handle this gang life! (And when I spend time looking for the red carrots above enemies I tend to get shot a lot more.)

The bikes seem to control better in the DLC than the game so my character isn't flying off every two seconds. You can still get thrown pretty far, but I think the handling for bikes has improved.

So far, it does have a pretty good GTA IV feel to it. The areas are the same. I have contacts. I have a base of operation. When I sleep, it saves my game and advances the timeline six hours. I can watch TV or surf the web.

I think I'll like it when I play more, but the beginning definitely didn't suck me in.


aplusj said...

The slowness is the SRII confusion. I decided to play GTA IV last night to try and finish it and I thought it controlled like garbage and Nicko runs really slow and for a really short time.

I'm gonna play it some more tonight so I can see if I'm really interested in buying some DLC for it.

2 things I want to mention:
1. My achievements now show the DLC achievements even though I didn't buy it
2. I think it's cool that Rockstar has made multiplayer available to Silver members if they buy the DLC.

Mike said...

Team killer!!!