Friday, March 7, 2008

Bully Patch Coming Soon

With the torrent of 360 issues with Bully: Scholarship Edition, Rockstar has announced that a fix should be released within the week. The problems seem to be occuring with later models of the 360 and involve freezing, audio and achievements.

I've been playing the game a lot since its release on Tuesday, and I haven't encountered many problems. The only real problem I had was the game locked up on me the first night when I hadn't saved my game in forever. Stupid no auto-saves. And there's a little stuttering when moving fast like in races.


E-goD said...

This is so old it's become new again. Good job with the laziness.

E-goD said...

And now it's old again.
Patch released. There, I updated the page.

Jester013 said...

I was talking about this with Josh the other day. When no good games come out for a while, I get bored and keep the blog updated. But when I have good games to play, I don't update very much because I'm too busy playing.